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Jorja All Around
A Jorja Fox Fan Community
6th-Aug-2011 10:59 pm - Sneaky Photos!
CBS is doing a CSI photoshoot today, and we've got some sneaky photos!

Behing the Scenes

Thank you, Vernon Cheek, for a behind the scenes glimpse of Jorja at the Season 12 photo shoot!

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Pauley P Loves Jorja

Oh man, it’s sneaky photo day! Pauley Perette from NCIS and Jorja used to work together!

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15th-Jul-2011 11:44 pm - JAA to JFW?
jorja; duhwaaa
Hey everyone! I apologize once again for my scarcity, but I need to ask you all an important question. Part of my reason for not being around lately is because I've been struggling to find a way to renew the JAA web service which is expiring in about a month. I can afford it, but the problem is, I don't have all the necessary information from the old administrator. Therefore, I'm thinking that within about a month or less, the JAA website and Gallery hosting is going to expire.

Therefore, I ask you all this! I would love to update the JAA website's layout, but the software it is hosted on (PHP-Nuke) is extremely confusing and is not serviced anymore. I'm at a loss and haven't been able to find one person able to help me out with it so far. So I'm thinking of switching JAA over to WordPress, a software I trust and know how to use easily, and that is also actively serviced. I'm also considering changing the name of our community and website from JAA, JorjaAllAround, to JFW: Jorja Fox Web.

This is just talk right now, so no huge decisions are being made immediately. But I'd like to hear some input from you guys, since you're all obviously the most important part of this equation! Let me know what you think. I'm going to have to move JAA over to WordPress, but I'm still on the fence about the name. So let me know! Stay JAA or welcome JFW?

Poll #1762112 JAA Name Change

Should JorjaAllAround be changed to Jorja Fox Web?

Yes! Do the do, welcome the new!
No, I like JAA better
I don't care either way
This touches my heart more than many things. My father still lives in Japan (and was one of very few non-Japanese to go back and help right away). Currently, they're still having electrical issues such that this summer he can't run his AirCon. So while, yes, they are on the road to recovery, it's going to be a long, troubled, road. If you're inclined to send anything to Japan, fans are in high demand.

But! Jorja, the caring soul that she is, went to an Artists and Athletes talk on what's been going on.

Check UCLA Today for the article and the
JFO Gallery for an image.

Oh and a video after the cut.

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20th-Jun-2011 02:12 pm - Jorja in the Galapagos
Back in February, Jorja went to the Galapagos to check out the Galapagos National Park offices (PNG) and see what sort of conservation work went on there. The article is in Spanish, and mine is pretty bad, so a lot of the translation comes from Google Translate.

Source: El Comercia
Translation: JorjaPedia - ”Galapagos, a destination of stars”

Originally posted on JFO
14th-Jun-2011 12:03 am - Happy Summer From JAA!
jorja; epk laugh
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's not officially Summer yet, but who's really keeping track? Happy Summer from everyone here at JAA! To all my fellow students, have a great time off from school, and try not to work too hard over the Summer! Make sure to have plenty of fun in the sun, all while staying protected, of course!

To celebrate the change of seasons, I've completely redone the JAA LJ page! The user info page is still the same, but we now have a different layout with a new color scheme, as well as a new community banner. I thought it was time for a change, how about you guys? What does everyone think? Love it, hate it? Let me know in the poll under the cut!

Layout poll!Collapse )

While we're all having fun this Summer, consider adopting a lion or another rescued animal from ADI! Let's help make their Summer a great one, too. For more info, visit this post.

Also, as I'm sure you all know, Jorja's birthday is coming up on July 7th. Our sister site JFO is taking donations for Surfrider, one of the many organizations Jorja supports, as a birthday gift from the fans! If you wish to donate, check out JFO's original post here.

That's all for now! Over and out!

- Ann
sara; glasses
While, we're on the topic of saving animals, Jorja has also once again pledged her support for the IDAEZ, or International Day of Action For Elephants In Zoos. So just what is IDAEZ? Well, it's a day for animal activists and animal lovers of all kinds to come together to educate the public about the cruelty and suffering that elephants endure in traveling circuses and zoos alike. By pledging your support for IDAEZ, you're helping to let people know that these things belong in the past, and are also helping to promote the humane treatment of elephants and other circus animals alike.

Jorja had this to say:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic “Jorja Fox here, asking you to please support this year’s International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos! We need to put the focus where it belongs – on protecting elephants in their natural habitats – and stop wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on artificial zoo displays that will never meet their needs. Instead of cruel confinement and domination, let’s offer sanctuary, peace, compassion and hope. It’s up to each and every one of us to take a stand for the elephants now in order to ensure their welfare in captivity and their continued existence on this planet.”

Source: idablog.org

For information on how you can join Jorja in pledging your support for the elephants, and also details on how you can get involved, visit the IDAEZ web page.
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Early in March, I made this post revealing the grand total of the money raised for the Animal Defenders International fundraiser, and also posted a short note from Toni Scalera, the Development Director for ADI, thanking everyone for their participation. I've recently received another email from Toni, who was gracious enough to type up a formal thank you letter for everyone!

I've converted the original PDF file to an image that everyone can read. I won't spoil it here so you can read it for yourself. Click the cut to read it!

Thank you letterCollapse )

Toni also brings me to my next point: animal adoption, or specifically, lion adoption! How can one adopt a lion, you ask? It's a lot easier than you might think, and don't worry, there aren't any air-lifts involved ;) All you have to do is fill out the adoption form you'll find below that Toni kindly sent me. Just include your name, phone number, address, desired donation amount, and a few other details, and your money will go straight to ADI and will directly benefit the newly-rescued lions. As Toni states above in the thank you letter, your donation will also come with an adoption pack consisting of an adoption certificate, a DVD, and also their adoption newsletter "Toto News" which is only sent 3 times a year.

I think everyone can agree that this is a truly fantastic way to honor not only Jorja's continued support of ADI and animal activism, but also, the lions that ADI so courageously rescued as well as ADI itself! Please consider donating what you can. There's no minimum donation, and every little bit counts.

Click the second cut to view the adoption form. As an added bonus, the adoption form has a picture of Jorja and Bob Barker standing with one of the rescued lions after they were loaded off the plane, as well as a quote! Everyone say thank you to ADI and Toni!

Adoption formCollapse )

If anyone is interested in adopting a lion, please visit ADI's website HERE for more info. You can also adopt other rescued animals!
Sara - bright
CSI - 11x19 - Unleashed HD screencaps
Resolution: 1280x720 px
Screencaps: 567 caps
Size: ~61 MB

Gallery and download links here.
Sara - 1001
CSI - 11x18 - Hitting for the Cycle HD screencaps
Resolution: 1280x720 px
Screencaps: 600 caps
Size: ~71 MB

Gallery and download links here.

Notes: After over 6 months with nothing but trouble with my old webhost (meaning: no access to my website) I've had it and decided to start over. From now on all my new screencaps can be found in the gallery at www.jumper-one.com

The old Jumper One Gallery, containing the HQ screencaps for seasons 9 and 10 of CSI, is still available (at least until the server that site is on goes the way of the Dodo) but won't be updated anymore.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well, it's finally here: the CSI: season 11 finale! Discuss the episode and BEWARE OF SPOILERS!! The full press release/cast info can be found under the cut.

  "In a Dark, Dark House" - After years of pursuit and a countless number of murders, Langston comes face-to-face with serial killer Nate Haskell inside the house where his killing spree began, on the 11th season finale of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Thursday, May 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Bill Irwin ("Rachel Getting Married") returns as serial killer Nate Haskell, and Tracee Ellen Ross ("Girlfriends") returns as Langston's ex-wife, Gloria.

"A serial killer was born in this room."Collapse )
11th-May-2011 01:08 pm - Jorja in Pillow Talk
Back in High School, Jorja was in a play called "Pillow Talk" and it certainly looks like her! And it looks like the play (I've seen the Doris Day version on film).

Says the poster:

The kiss scene from the stage play 'Pillow Talk' performed by CSI's Jorja Fox and Christopher Plotts (me) in 1984 at Melbourne High School. I have greatly cleaned up the audio and picture from the original videotape. Its what I do at http://www.special-orders.com I may consider producing a DVD for sale of the whole show if I get enough interest.

I say everyone should comment on that page and get the DVD made!

Originally posted on JFO
Everyone give your love to Rianne@JFO, who has unlocked Video Finder!
sara; glasses
No fancy screencap this time, sorry, guys! Anyways, here's the discussion post for tonight's episode. The full press release and cast info can, as always, be found under the cut. SPOILERS in comments!

    "Cello and Goodbye" - Langston becomes more determined than ever to track down Nake Haskell, the notorious "Dick & Jane" killer, after discovering that he's kidnapped his ex-wife, Gloria, on the 250th episode of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Thursday, May 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Bill Irwin ("Rachel Getting Married") returns as serial killer Nate Haskell, and Tracee Ellen Ross ("Girlfriends") returns as Langston's ex-wife, Gloria.

Cast info under the cutCollapse )
4th-May-2011 10:05 pm - ADI Fundraiser: Grand Total
jorja; duhwaaa
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here it is, guys, the grand total of the Animal Defenders International fundraiser! Along with our sister site JFO, we managed to raise a combined total of $600! That's incredible! Even though we didn't make the goal of $800, that's still a lot of money and something to be proud of. After the fundraiser ended, I contacted ADI via email to let them know to expect the check in the mail. So you guys can see just how much your donations were appreciated, and to get an idea of how the money will be used, here's an excerpt from their response email back to me (from Toni Scalera, the Development Director for ADI):

Thank you so very much – this is wonderful news! I am certain Jorja will appreciate your efforts on behalf of the Bolivian lions, and for Ali, as do we at ADI – and the lions will get a welcomed direct benefit.

Many thanks to you, Ann, and to all Jorja’s fans, for helping put this together. You have helped ensure these rescued lions will continue to live a life of peace and contentment, after all they’ve suffered.

With gratitude from the bottom of our “lion hearts,”

Toni Scalera

Toni went on to give me the wonderful idea of posting information here on JAA about adoption opportunities for the lions. The lions are currently divided into four prides, and as you can all imagine, the cost of supporting these animals is very substantial. However, if you "adopt" a lion, you can support them by sending money and supplies like food, blankets and more! Pretty cool, huh? As soon as I get more information on how you can "adopt" one of the lions, I'll post it here and on JAA's main webpage.

She also told me in another email that ADI is going to inform Jorja of the donation that was made in her name as well as Ali's.

There you go, guys! Give yourselves a big pat on the back! You all deserve it!
Sara - 1001
CSI - 11x16 - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead HD screencaps
Resolution: 1280x720 px
Screencaps: 539 caps
Size: ~59 MB

Download link here.
sara; glasses
Here's the promo video for next week's new episode! This is also a milestone for CSI: because it's the 250th episode! And, of course, we already know we get Sara in this one. Blink and you'll miss her in the promo, though!

View it on vimeo, courtesy of ricker23a! International fans should be able to view it, too!

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